NuLean Maintanence Phase

Advice for Maintaining a Healthy, Fit and Lean or “Alkaline” Body

There are many ways to lose weight, but it takes a concerted effort to maintain a lifestyle that creates a healthy, fit and lean body. Below find several tips to help ensure your hard work cleansing your body and losing unwanted pounds will lead you to achieving and maintaining optimum health.

  1. Continue to eat the right foods.

    Generally speaking there are two types of food: alkalizing and acidifying.

    • Alkalizing foods help create an alkaline environment in your body.
    • Acidifying foods promote an acidic environment in the body, which can be more susceptible to disease, promote inflammation, and fuel obesity.

    Unfortunately, the “American diet” promotes an acidic body. So, you can instead attempt to flip the script and strive to enjoy a diet rich in antioxidants that is 75% alkalizing foods and 25% acidifying foods. Even if you just generally try to eat as many alkalizing foods as possible, you will be doing your body a great service. For good health (and weight-loss), try to limit the “must avoid" foods – such as sugar, white flour, deep-fried food and corn syrup.

  2. Continue to exercise or move daily.

    There is no better way to burn calories and boost your metabolism than to exercise. Exercise is also an important factor in creating an alkaline body. Continue to exercise 20 minutes or more a day. This can simply be a light walk. Remember, daily light exercise can be more effective than strenuous exercise one to three times a week.

Maintaining a balanced diet and exercising regularly might sound like a gimmick, but it really does work.

Some specific tricks that might help you on the road to wellness:

  • Consider adding whey protein shakes to your diet regimen. Whey protein is one of the few proteins that are not acidic.
  • Ensure adequate protein and water in your diet regimen. It can be the two biggest and most preventable missteps, but not getting adequate protein and water can be kryptonite to maintaining weight and energy.
  • Try to avoid processed foods and maintain a low calorie diet. Reading labels and reviewing nutritional information, particularly before eating out will help you continue to make smart choices.
  • Repeat the NuLean One Week Detox Diet as desired. You can easily repeat a one-week cleanse during regular intervals throughout the year. Whether getting ready for a special event, planning to fast, or wanting a kick start to feeling and looking better, the cycle can be repeated as necessary.


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