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7-to-21-day NuLean Wellness Cleanse

NuLean Cleanse + Regular Chiropractic Adjustments + Daily Exercise

Delmar Chiropractic is proud to offer the NuLean® Wellness Weight Loss Cleanse – a new 100% natural, clinically proven weight loss breakthrough that helps you reprogram your body’s metabolism. This proprietary blend of herbs and nutrients is designed to cleanse the body of impurities and fat. It will help restore a youthful metabolism faster than you think. Utilizing products and protocols across two weeklong phases, this weight loss solution gets directly to the cause of unwanted weight gain.

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Our bodies are bombarded by toxins from every angle � from the foods we eat to the water we drink to the air we breathe. As a preventive measure, when toxins invade the body, they get stored in fatty tissue, which become centers of inflammation or weight gain � the more toxins, the more fat. By eliminating the toxins, our bodies can function at a higher level; thus creating a healthier and thinner you. Cleanse toxins the NuLean way and lose a pound a day.


The NuLean cleanse paired with regular chiropractic adjustments and moderate daily exercise comprise Delmar Chiropractic�s 7-to-21-Day Detox program, which can be designed to meet each individual�s wellness goals. Whether you seek a short-term program with big results or are prepared to take the 21 days research shows it takes to develop a new habit, Dr. Costantino will collaborate with you to determine the approach best suited for your needs.

Phase ONE

Phase ONE (the first seven days) boasts an average weight loss of seven pounds per person and a combined loss of eight inches from chest, weight, hips, arms and thighs. It consists of three products � including Quick Burn capsules, Super Protein meal replacement powder and Super Cleanse liquid concentrate.

Phase TWO

Phase TWO (additional follow-up weeks) can result in an average loss of two pounds per week and a further drop in clothing sizes. It consists of one product, the Power Cleanse liquid concentrate.

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Consider Delmar Chiropractic's 7-to-21-Day Detox to help achieve enhanced health and an energetic, slimmer you.

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DISCLAIMER: Since NuLean is an all-natural supplement it is not required that the Federal Drug Association (FDA) evaluates the product. We make no claims that NuLean will cure or improve any known medical conditions and cannot recommend what prescription drugs a patient should or should not take while cleansing with NuLean. Patients taking prescription drugs or suffering a medical condition should be aware that during the NuLean university study, some patient�s reported a decrease in blood pressure. However, diabetics were reported to experience health improvements while and after cleansing. Lastly, any patients taking anti-depressants may find diminished results since many anti-depressants tend to encourage weight gain.